Monday, May 21, 2007

like a hit and run.

So I don't really feel like writing anything right now, but I wanted to post this for your guys...

i meant for the bull crop to look a little more like a potato.

or a spud, if you prefer. with little hairs sprouting off. cause you don't shave spuds.

or potatoes, for that matter.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

And a picture for kicks. To tide you over.

I'm working on a short little three-panel comic right now, so that should be up soon too.

Dancing Bones

So I love where it's recorded in John 11 that Jesus raised ol' Laz from the dead. He says what I think is one of the greatest things in all the if any of them aren't good. This one just catches me a lot. Christ was talking to Lazarus' sister and he tells her "This sickness will not end in death."


How prophetic is this for all the children of God? It's a promise and it's a statement that life in and with Christ is more powerful than death, that death is nothing more than a point along the way - it is not the end. Death is merely a doorway.

And it's so great because when Lazarus dies, he dies with a sickness. But when Jesus raises him, Lazarus is raised as whole as can be, yet without the sickness. It has been stripped from him and done away with. The sickness that was in Laz is no more.

It's baptism through death. The whole point of baptism (which I think is properly done with a good dunking to get the point better..) is to be submerged in water (ie death) and then to re-emerge, having been washed clean and having left all of your sinful self behind in the water. Man, baptism is so beautiful.

And the way that Jesus says "This will not end in death," he says it with such an authority. It's not a "Let's hope this doesn't end in death"'s a statement of fact.

So whatever you're dealing with, whatever you're going through, whatever plagues you inside and out and you can't seem to separate yourself from that crap called sin in some way or another, know this: This sickness will not end in death. And so the sick and even the dead are called to dance and rejoice.

Monday, May 7, 2007

half of the stuff in my veins is mountain dew.

So after a couple of requests to see this, here "this" is:

In case this doesn't post properly so that you can't see it, it reads:

the 27th of May,
anno domini 2007
we bring to you a show
to celebrate the days and children
of healing broken things
but they're not really playing a show on the 27th of may that I know of, so don't expect that. but you can always ask...
it was good to see you guys (those whom I saw) this weekend.