Wednesday, January 31, 2007

On the first day of Blogmas...

jake page here.

I felt like I needed a place to do things like write and post sketches and sometimes think things out on a keyboard. And that's why I created this thing. It's been like 2 years since I've posted anything blog or journal related online. An old friend and a new friend.

This is also a place so that friends (this probably includes you, unless otherwise noted..) can keep up with me nowadays. Right now, I'm living at home with my mom and my brother and I'm working as something of a graphic designer at a sign company called Anchor Sign in Charleston. I'm actually in my cubicle right now as I type this, on my lunch break. I've got homemade hashbrowns with ham and cheese and man. It's good. Anyway. I've started going to a new church too - Pointe North. (I don't know why there's an e on the end of Pointe..) It's good..trying to get involved there some.

Walking with God has been as interesting as always..since I've been home it's been all over the place and I've felt like my mind has been too. I've had my bitter days and my complacent days more often than not, but the wilderness is the wilderness for a reason. But I think a corner has been turned. I'm thankful for a lot.

So I hope that this'll be good to read and look at. And I hope I keep up with it. holla.

And yes, Cori, I stole your layout.