Friday, February 16, 2007


There's a song by Delirious that I've been listening to a lot recently called "The Deeper 99" that's off of their Mezzamorphis album. The main gist of the song is really just one line that says "Heaven is my home", that's repeated with passion, authority and laying claim to.

I was listening to a sermon recently by Rob Bell entitled "Why We Sing", and he was talking about worship in general at one point and mentioned the things in our life that really touch us, that hit our souls at the very deepest. It could be a word from a friend, a part of a movie, a song (with lyrics or without), a waterfall, mountains, anything. He said it was kind of like walking into a cathedral, and the feeling of awe that you have when you do. We feel it because the in that awe, the glory of God is there and we recognize it, our spirits recognize that this is a little piece of the Almighty that is taking place on earth.

Heaven is the anywhere that resides in the presence of God. Different levels of Heaven, perhaps, but it's home. We're wanderers and don't belong here so much of the can feel that in almost every step of the day. We belong in Heaven with God our Father...home is where we belong.

And my hope is this. That place we call home..Heaven.. I think that parts of it are available for viewing here and now. "Your will done on earth as it is in Heaven." Jesus brought the ability to have Heaven here, to be able to see it and know parts of it now. It may be in a movie, or in a song, or maybe it's in a run down neighborhood or a stray dog, where the compassion of God lies. But wherever God has laid Heaven, home, open for the viewing, I hope that you, and I, may be given the vision to see it, and that we may be able to lay hold to it, clutch it to our chest and treasure it dearly, as it is the dearest thing earth.

What nomad in history has ever had a true home on the road besides us?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A little something

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Give me a yea or a nay on this style of post..cheers.

Friday, February 9, 2007

It's lunch time again here at Anchor Sign and I just went outside to my car before eating to get some potato chips. And that is a fact, as they are now on my desk in a little baggy. Now, one might speculate as to where these chips came from. Basically, it comes down to two options. The first is that I have a bag of chips that I bought that are sitting in my passenger seat which I put into smaller bags to bring them for lunch. The second option begins a few days back.

I was parking my car in the lot around 7:30 one morning last week, and as I was about to make my way to the building, I heard an "Ahem," from behind me. So I turned around, and there to my surprise was a faun. He then proceeded to explain that he had been exiled to the parking lot by his mother because of a very obnoxious prank he pulled on her the day before (though he declined to tell me what that prank was to prevent any other exiling). He said that being out in the parking lot with no trees got really hot, especially with the wool that covered his legs and all and he asked if he could lie underneath my car for the day. I wasn't sure about it at first because, well, it was a weird request. Then he said that if I did, he would give me a little plastic baggy of potato chips anytime I wanted. So I said OK.

So it's one of the two. You decide for yourselves. I would tell you which one I'd go with, but I already know the answer, so that'd be cheating.


P.S. I wonder how a game of phone tag would go if it were freeze tag.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Tomorrow's payday.

And I couldn't be more ready for it.

So I've been doing a lot of stuff with my mom or a lot of the same stuff as my mom here lately. For instance, we get up around the same time for work, we watch 24, Lost and Heroes together, we've been fixing lunches and dinner together (b/c we're both watching what we eat). We also both download and listen to the sermons that come out of Mars Hill in Michigan. This is the point where I segway.

If you want to hear a good sermon (I really don't like that word..too formal)..or series of sermons, you should go to and download the Peacemakers. But if you want a really good one and have only time for one, download the third one. It's amazing. Also, I just found out that my new pastor (Pastor Cal) actually knows Rob Bell. Which is cool. And Cal was in the Air Force once upon a time where he did top secret missions (like middle of the night, you don't know if you're coming back type stuff), which is cool too.

It's good to be getting active in a church as an individual, and because of my own individual choice.

Tomorrow is payday. And I couldn't be more ready. I think I'm gonna buy a kid.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

If God could be thrilled to death, He would have been today.

I've been reading a devotional book by Watchman Nee that my biodad got me for Christmas called A Table in the Wilderness during lunch time at work. And today's was about rejoicing in the Lord in everything which, as Nee pointed out,...this is hard to do considering all of the things that happen in life that we go through. So he went on to say that Paul gives the secret and that we are to take God's joy as ours (the joy of the Lord is our strength). And then he said something that I found really cool and really applicable (not that the other stuff wasn't, but you'll know what I mean..).. He says:

"His joy is yours. Learn to live by it above your troubles. When tempted to be cast down, look up and ask yourself, Has the Lord lost his joy today?"

It sounds like a remedy for the morning, it sounds like a remedy for self-pity, it sounds like goodness. Because you know that the Lord is joyful for a reason and that means despite what I can or can't see, there is something to be joyful about. And there is the strength.

And don't worry kiddies...I'll be posting some sketch stuff on here soon soon as I figure out how...

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